JS Enterprise

Your business growth is important to you, and to the rest of Canada.
It is also important to us.

James Stafford, Inc. provides accounting and financial services for owner-managed enterprises, including individuals and small and medium-sized private companies. The established proprietary materials, service models and techniques utilized by JS Enterprise provide business owners and entrepreneurs with the advice, products and services that help build thriving businesses and reduce anxiety.

Both you and your business are unique. We take the time to understand you and your business so that we can use our professional expertise to provide the proactive ideas and technical expertise that can help to solve operational, financial and risk challenges, build growth and income and save you money. A core component of JS Enterprise is ongoing access to our professionals so that you get the answers and advice when you need to receive it. We emphasize common sense and “value for money,” ensuring that what we deliver to you is both manageable and affordable. This includes minor things like never billing for telephone calls or meetings and significant services like building awareness of your world wide business opportunities and associated risks and being engaged with you as they are both realized and solved.

Technical Expertise

Maintenance of top level professional expertise in all relevant areas is a priority for the professional staff at James Stafford, Inc. and this expertise is integrated on a firm-wide basis. Our Firm is not departmentalized or segregated. As a result, our clients are serviced by the same group of professionals for all of their service needs, ensuring that clients receive the in-depth technical expertise they require on a timely basis.


Clients of James Stafford, Inc. have direct and unfettered access to the Firm’s senior professional staff. As a client of James Stafford, Inc., you work directly with senior Firm members with the professional expertise and direct decision making authority to ensure your service needs are both met and are met at the right price. We encourage regular ongoing contact with our clients.

Value for Money

James Stafford, Inc.’s primary focus is on delivering services that are both of the highest quality and customized to meet the clients’ needs, regardless of profitability to the Firm. All entrepreneurs and businesses seek profitability and growth. These goals may also entail the ongoing need to improve efficiency and to control or reduce costs. James Stafford, Inc.’s responsiveness to its clients results in an awareness of the importance of ensuring that its fees for services are reasonable considering the specific circumstances and are commensurate with the value of the services being provided to the client.