Other Services

Along with the JS Enterprise services, which we provide to our entrepreneurial clients, James Stafford, Inc. also provides a full range of accounting, taxation, and financial advisory services to all types of organizations and businesses.

Accounting and Assurance Services

The highly experienced professionals at the Firm conduct a full range of accounting, audit, financial review and attestation services for private enterprises, not-for-profits and charities.

Taxation Services

We provide solutions to our clients’ tax challenges from owner-managed enterprises to large corporations. We recognize the importance of providing technically competent tax advice to achieve significant tax savings and to preserve wealth.

We continue to grow and develop our tax expertise through providing businesses with advisory, research, compliance and support services in the mainstream areas of taxation, including:

  • Canadian and United States personal and corporate income taxation
  • GST and commodity taxation
  • Payroll and benefits taxation
  • Cross-border taxation issues
  • Notices of objection and CRA audits

We develop innovative tax strategies and keep current with amendments to tax legislation, allowing us to use our knowledge to generate strategies to maintain compliance, mitigate business risks and to provide ongoing value for our clients.

Enterprise Risk Management

We offer a wide range of threat identification, risk-mitigation and related risk mitigation planning so that you can reduce exposure to risk and/or the likelihood of its occurrence allowing you to focus instead on growing your business.